About Us
Woodland Education Association is an association supporting local educators to better support student learning. WEA strives to maintain a positive relationship with community, district, and educators to better serve our student population.

Guest Articles from Lamentable Truth
Please click on the link below to read an article from a unit member in our District Lamentable Truth about why we rally.
Why We Rally

WEA made headlines after 200+ attended the April 23rd board meeting. Click on the following link to access the story: http://www.dailydemocrat.com/social-affairs/20150424/woodland-teachers-seek-higher-pay-from-school-trustees

Board Meeting
Photo Courtesy of Daily Democrat.

WEA Supports
WEA surveyed all teachers to see what businesses our teachers supported. Below you can find the list of 51 businesses that teachers listed in the survey. WEA Supports stickers have been distributed to all businesses so keep an eye out for these stickers displayed at the businesses. This means it is a teacher supported business. WEA would like to thank these businesses for all the support they have shown for our teachers and our schools. It takes a village!

WEA Supports 2014